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PPR Female Nipple

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PPR  Female Nipple 20mm    Price: $2.00  Qty:

PPR Female Nipple 25mm      Price:$4.00   Qty:

PPR Female Nipple 32mm    Price: $6.00   Qty:

PPR Female Nipple 40mm     Price: $8.00  Qty:

PPR Female Nipple 60mm   Price: $12.00  Qty:

PPR Female Nipple 63mm   Price: $15.00  Qty:

Product Description

  • Designed for both Hot and Cold water supply.
  • Ideal for domestic and commercial purposes.
  • High resistance to Chemical corosion
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Light weight and easy to assemble
  • The polyfusion welding process provides safe and water tight joints
  •  Resistant to scaling due to the smooth internal surface and non polar nature of the material. Limestone and other deposits cannot form henceforth there is no scaling or blockage in the pipelines.


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