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Delivery rat
es and Policies

How do I take advantage of Free shipping and delivery ? 

  • Buy Items worth or above UGX500,000.
  • Ship your items to a single address.
  • Ship items to or around a town centre in Uganda      
  • Place your order and enjoy the free shipping!

This option (FS) allows us to better manage our inventory, order demand and pass the savings on to you in the form of free shipping. NB: Most Free Shipping orders will ship out within a maximum of 6(Six) hours except if attached to Local Express Delivery.

Local Express Delivery (LED)
When you choose to use Local Express Delivery (LED), items must delivered on same day you place your order. Qualifying orders must be placed before 12 noon and to be shipped to an eligible address. If the order is placed after noon, your order will be delivered the next business day. We're working hard to make this shipping option available to all customers but currently, only addresses within or around Kampala (Uganda) are eligible for Local Express Delivery.
NB:  Local Express delivery  encompasses the following.

  • No weekend delivery, no P.O. boxes or SD
  • Items ship strictly by ground route
  • Items may be delivered up until 8pm local time
  • Signatures upon delivery are required.  

Shipping Restrictions
Warranty issues and manufacturer restrictions prevent us from shipping certain products to all geographical locations. In addition, some items too big to ship to a P.O. Box must be shipped to a street address. You will be notified while placing your order if we are unable to ship specific items to the address you have selected
Items that require special handling because they are extremely heavy can only be shipped to desired locations at a handling fee and thus will not be eligible for Free Shipping(FS). 

We do deliver to penitentiaries, but we strongly suggest you contact the prison first to confirm that they accept your deliveries and to note any special regulations the prison might have. Some prisons do not allow delivery of specific items and/or materials. Others place a limit on the number of items contained in a package.
We are however unable to affix any special labels or instructions to the items and/or on the packages, we will indicate only the destination address and senders name. Extra information is pre-filled on the order invoice.


Delivery Service Delays
If you live in an area experiencing an unexpected service delay factor (severe weather, natural disasters, unscheduled events, etc.) please add an additional day to the estimated delivery date of your order.



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Hand & Power Tools
Power tools
Angle grinders
Concrete vibrators

Drill machines
Pressure washing machines

Welding machines

Hand tools
Allen keys
Bench vices

Blazzing wires
Blow lamps
Bolt cutters
Bow saws &  Blades
Breast drills
Building lines
Cargo belts
Chalk lines
Claw bars
Concrete nails
Curtain hooks
Door closers

Door hinges
Door locks
Drawer runners
Drill bits
Drill machines

Door stoppers
Expansion bolts
Extension cables
Eye goggles

F clamps
Filler gauges

Flicker machines
Gas regulators
Grease guns
Grease buckets
Grinding wheels

Grip fill
Hacksaw flames & Blades

Hand grinders

Hole punches
Hole saws
Hose pipes
Hoop iron
Hydraulic jacks

Jack planes
Jubilee clips
Junior saws
Masking tapes
Making gauges

Metalic buckets
Micrometer screw gauges
Mortal pans

Mortice gauges

Nose masks
Panal pins
Pick axes
Pipe benders
Pipe vice
Pipe wrenches

Plough planes
Plumb bobs
Rebate planes
Rivet guns and Rivets
Sand paper and Discs
Sash clamps

Saw sets

Screw drivers
Screwing bits

Sharpening stones
Silicon guns
Sisal ropes
Steel floats

Spear bars
Spirit levels
Spoke shaves
Spray guns
Steel floats

Tape measures
Tile cutters
Tin snips

Tool boxes

Water levels

Wall plugs
Wall punches
WD 40
Weighing scales
Welding cables
Welding glasses
Welding rhodes
Welding torches
Welding sheilds
Wheel barrows
Wire brushes
Wire strainers

Safety Equipments
Clear goggles
Welding goggles
Welding shields

Chemical masks
Dust masks

Ear plugs
Ear muffs

Cotton gloves
Leather gloves
Rubber gloves
Welding helmets
Face sheilds

Welding aprons
Over coats
Over alls

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