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KCL Hardware started in 2007 as a dealer in only Hand tools. We bought and sold tools within the local market to meet the earlier exponential Hardware tools' demand, but still maintained a vision for long that remained unsatisfied.  KCL Hardware and all its affiliate Group of Companies was started then, by the Company's CEO himself, Kijja Charles Lwanga, who individually developed the Company's line of Business from a Family Chain of Hardware developments and thus the Business is named after its propriator.

To date, KCL Hardware is a fully  Registered Business and has emerged to be one of the largest Hardware Businesses in Uganda, with one of the Webs largest Online Hardware store specialising in ergonomically proven Hand tools, energy efficient Power tools, Fasteners and superior quality Industrial safety equipments. The Business supplies, wholesales and retails  materials of the World's leading brands like: Stanely, Record, Irwn, Makita, Black & Decker, Colt, Starex, Fujita, Bahco, Union, Vigex, Rhodius, PS fourte, Sokkia, Interflex, Afton, American safety, Flyton, AAA safety, Eclipse, Komelon, Raider, Oxford, Colt, Gatex, Rocklander, Panyi, Thuraya, Kapriol, Nimpex, UAE, Lion, Christine USA, Gentex, Feality, Bellucci, Bovos, Bertoli, Award, Parker-England and so much more!   

KCL Hardware is therefore a huge selection of high quality Hand tools, Power tools, Fasteners and Industrial safety equipments. We offer Online Hardware shopping, Hardware Supply, Wholesale and Retail of Building/Construction tools, Carpentry tools, Mechanical engineering tools, Plumbing toolsMetalwork tools, Electricians' tools, Surveying and Navigation tools, Lifting tools, Garden tools, Cleaning tools, Bolts & NutsSafety Equipments.

KCL Hardware has spread its services all through Africa, Asian, America and Europe. We have covered the globe by not only creating this global online platform but also by procuring goods from reknown and reliable manufactures and/or authorised agentsand/or distributers Worldwide. We deliver Worldwide as per all the clients needs, even to the most remote sites.  Our first hand shopping experience offered to clients, coupled with timelines in shipping and deliveries, are sure to please even the most discerning palates.  Our mission is to bridge the long standing gap between the demand and supply of Hardware tools and Safety Equipments on the World market.  Our vision is to serve the entire global village with respect of Human rights, Social justice and Human dignity.


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